Publicly certified and sworn expert by the IHK Munich

Expert Opinion

Michael Kirmeier Gutachten | © Michael Kirmeier

Michael Kirmeier as a sworn expert offers neutral and professional expertises for following topics:

  • Offset printing, digital printing.
  • Performance of the acceptance of used and new sheetfed- and weboffset-printing machines according the guidelines of bvdm/Fogra.
  • Printing ink.
  • Printing substrates.
  • Print converting and print finishing.
  • Label production.
  • Quality assessment of printed products (decline in value).

The expert opinions must be differentiated in:

  • Expert opinion for the court:
    • Independent evidentiary proceedings for taking of evidence.
    • Arbitration opinion.
    • Civil suit.
    • Criminal proceedings.
  • Private opinion, e. g. disagreements between contractual partners, in view of quality of a printed product or in view of decline in value.
  • Insurance assessment, e. g. liability loss (damages by water or fire).

Interdisciplinary problems can be tackled by in-cooperating the network of cooperation partners.

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