Publicly certified and sworn expert by the IHK Munich

You’ve got problems with printed products, e. g. a claim?

You need a competent quality assessment of printed products?

You are in search of a neutral institution, which provides reliable clarity?

You can find the answers best with a publicly certified expert whose professional competence and neutrality was proofed by the chamber of industry and commerce.

Publicly certified experts are regularly controlled and re-certified by the responsible chamber of industry and commerce. This is the guaranty and the requirement for professional competence, neutrality, and consistency of high quality expertises.

Since 2006 Michael Kirmeier is a publicly certified and sworn expert for printability, runability and quality assessment for printed products. In co-operation with his partners Michael Kirmeier offers the following services:

  • Neutral and professional expertise and consulting in case of claims, e. g. quality assessment of printed products or problems in terms of PSO (ProcessStandard Offset)-conformity of prints and proofs or in case of problems with ISO 12647-2 compatibility.
  • Root cause analysis for problems in print, print finishing, print converting and label production.
  • Accompany of production in paper production, print, print finishing, print converting and label production.
  • Proposal for decrease in value.
  • Issuing of certificates.
  • Performance of the acceptance of used and new sheetfed- and weboffset-printing machines according the guidelines of bvdm/Fogra including all tests in the run-up like condition of printing plates, general condition of the printing machine, all evaluations of mechanical and printing properties of printing machines and corresponding documentation.
  • Printing trials, diverse material tests.
  • Individual and competent consultancy in various topics.
  • Individual training on request.
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