Publicly certified and sworn expert by the IHK Munich


Michael Kirmeier, by profession print engineer with longtime professional experience in print houses and paper mills. 11 years professional experience in research as project manager, in expertise, in handling of claims and in seminars at FOGRA (research association for the printing industry). At present I am employed part time at prüfbau, Dr.-Ing. H. Dürner GmbH (R+D).

Since 2006 publicly certified and sworn expert for printability, runability and quality assessment of printing products.

Fields of specialization: Offset printing, printability, runability of paper and board, interactions: paper / ink / fountain solution, material investigations in the areas of paper, board and printing ink, quality assessment of printing products, organization as well as conceptual support and evaluation of printing trials, expert monitoring of production in paper production, print, print finishing and print converting.

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